Best Magento Extensions For Your E-Commerce PHP Website

Best Magento Extensions For Your E-Commerce PHP Website

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Magento is one of the most popular open source platforms written in PHP. It provides full control over the content and functionality of the website and a flexible shopping cart system as well. It was originally launched in the year 2008. Its main function is to provide excellent user experience, smooth navigation, and conversion rate and revenue generation. This is widely used by developers for an e-commerce website because it supports multiple currencies and languages as well. Here is a list of its best extensions that definitely boost your online business efforts. So, have a look below and use them for the growth of your e-commerce website.


Without any doubt, shipping is the major concern for the online retailers and to ease your work no extension is better than the ShipWorks. It provides you the functionality such as label creation, updating orders and so on. So, you should give it a try to solve your shipping related problem.

Newsletter Popup

Another best Magento extension for your e-commerce website is Newsletter Popup. It makes your customers update with your newly launched products or any offered which are specially made for
them. It is really helpful in increasing the interest of a customer to shop from your site in future.

XML Google Sitemap

No doubt, a sitemap is important for the SEO purpose because it quickly boosts the ranking of your site and this Magento extension helps you to create an XML sitemap easily for your e-commerce website. It allows you to see your site in-depth and crawl it better for driving traffic to your website.

One Page Checkout

One Step Checkout is the best extension for your e-commerce site. It makes your checkout process simple and easy for your customer, which increase their interest on your site. It makes your checkout easier and support multiple languages and payment integration.

Product Matrix

Last but not the least and actually a significant Magento extension for your e-commerce website is Product Matrix. It helps you to define shipping rates on the basis of its quantity and price of the product.


All above Magento extensions are highly appreciated and recommended by millions of developers in all around the world. These e-commerce extensions are really helpful and make your development work easier and along with this, it provides a better user experience to your customers. So, you should give them a try to any of the above extensions for the growth of your online business website.


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